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We make a lot of young adult book lists at STACKED, and I know how useful they are for collection development and reader’s advisory purposes. They’re useful enough for me when I write them or read the ones Kimberly’s written. So I thought I’d make a list of some of our book lists, for those who are interested in digging deep into the various genres and themes within YA fiction. 

I’ll add to this periodically as we update our book lists so that finding them all in one place is easy, useful, and convenient. This post is also a permanent tab on my tumblr homepage, which you can get to here

Get Genrefied Series

All of these lists focus on specific genres or subgenres within YA fiction. They each talk about the defining characteristics of the genre (or format!), followed by a big book list, and other websites and blogs to explore that delve even further into the specified genre.

Other Thematic Book Lists

We’re fans of book lists, period, and we’ve made a number of thematic and trend-style book lists. 

Contemporary Realistic Fiction:

Beyond the Bestsellers

At Book Riot, I run a series called “Beyond the Bestsellers,” where I offer suggestions of lesser-known titles to read after you’ve read a well-known, bestselling YA book or author. 

Other YA Book Lists:

Newly updated! If you need a YA book list, you might be covered. 

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